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What is Avascular Necrosis?

Definition of Avascular necrosis (AVN) in one word is- Decay of tissues due to lack of blood supply.

Necrosis in the word stands for – decay and Avascular is- lack of blood supply. The other term for AVN is osteonecrosis. Because specifically, the tissue which is on decay is- bone. When we say AVN of hip joint-lunate-shoulder; this confirms the location of decay.

Avascular Necrosis

Is AVN a disease of bones?

Yes this diseases impacts the bones. But exactly it is a disease of blood vessels.

To say, it is a disease of bones, is not scientifically correct. AVN is a disease where bones are affected. But cause is somewhere with the blood arteries. This is the big hurdle in the treatment of the condition of AVN.

Not Hip Alone: AVN Can occur anywhere

Important Things to Know about AVN

Where can you get AVN?

Where you have bones and blood supply, there you can get AVN. Osteonecrosis effects long bones with epiphyseal ends like femur and humerus bone. But it can also occur in small bones like sesamoid bone in foot, lunate and scaphoid in wrist joint and calcaneum in heel. You can also get AVN in Jaw bone!

Where can you get AVN

Which are commonly affected bones in case of AVN?

Avascular Necrosis is a condition which can occur in different parts of the body. But these are few common for AVN to occur-

  • Head of Femur / Hip Joint
  • Head of Humerus / Shoulder Joint
  • Lunate Bone / A bone in wrist joint
  • Scaphoid Bone / A bone in Ankle Joint
  • Distal End of Femur / Knee Joint
  • Apart from these locations AVN can spread to Jaw , sesamoid bone, navicular bone and also to calcaneus (the bone of heel).
  • Avascular necrosis occur where blood supply is interrupted to the bone and theoretically it can be any bone. Therefore, there cannot be any rule on this.

Which is common age for Avascular Necrosis?

Avascular necrosis can occur in any age. Clinically, we have youngest patient of Avascular Necrosis of 16 years and oldest patient is of 70+ years old.
Age is not a factor for this diseases to occur, but age matters once it is about treating this condition.

Is AVN a type of Cancer?

No, AVN is not a cancer or any type of cancer. In cancer the simplest thing is a cell multiplies in a craziest possible manner, but in AVN bone doesn’t get proper nutrition and it degenerates.

Is AVN life threatening condition?

In case of AVN, bone decays and this leads to the pain and disability. It never “kills” a patient.

What is Aseptic Necrosis of bone?

Aseptic necrosis and Avascular necrosis are one and same. Aseptic means – without infection. Because the necrosis in case of AVN is- without any infection.
The main reason in AVN is blockage of the blood supply- temporary or permanent.

Treatment of Avascular Necrosis

Why AVN is painful

The decaying bone always pains. Because this bone is degenerating. And most of the time AVN occurs near the joints, therefore AVN is more painful. The intensity and severity of pain due to Osteonecrosis.

The pain of Avascular necrosis is always disabling. The pain will be worst at night. Perhaps lesser blood supply to the extremities during night is a basic cause behind pain of AVN in night hours.