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Diagnosing Avascular Necrosis

The worst scenario with AVN is the wrong diagnosis of the disease. Because this is an uncommon disease. Therefore chances of mis-diagnosis and wrong diagnosis are always high. Diagnosing Avascular necrosis is important. Sooner we have a diagnosed case better will be the results.

You need to know about a case..

Few days back a patient came to Sukhayu Ayurved, Jaipur to consult with Vaidya Pardeep Sharma. Certainly he had pain in thigh and groin and limping was evident. He visited some neurologist with all complaints. Therefore neurologist doubted about Neuropathy. And he was prescribed with Steroids.

This patient was “wrong-diagnosed” and uses of steroids complicated the condition of Avascular Necrosis.

Wrong Diagnosis case of Avascular necrosis

This kind of wrong diagnosis of any condition certainly causes problems with patient. But when it comes to conditions like Avascular Necrosis, which progresses every now and then- it becomes more complicated.

Questions about Diagnosing Avascular necrosis

When you are first diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis you have many questions in mind. Here few we are addressing and rest you can email us through contact us page-

What is the best way to know about Avascular Necrosis?

Xray and MRI both radiological tools are important to know about AVN. Still as a physician I prefer MRI because in Xray several times we miss the early stages of AVN.

How can I be sure- it is Avascular Necrosis?

You need to check with your doctor. Self diagnosis or using some online tools is never a healthy practice.

Can AVN occur without alcohol consumption?

Yes. No doubt Alcohol is a major cause of Avascular Necrosis. But there are different causes behind AVN.

I was diagnosed directly in grade II; is it possible?

Yes. Avascular necrosis is a silent disease. Pain increases only after progress of disease. In early stage patient feels it is just a muscular spasm. But it depends on the physician to make early diagnosis. And many patients keep on ignoring the mild pains. And avoid going to doctors.

Is AVN cancerous?

No. Avascular necrosis is not cancerous.

How quickly I should go for treatment after diagnosis of AVN?

Immediately. It is a progressive disease. Therefore you need to be quick in deciding what kind of treatment you want to go.

Right Diagnosis means right treatment

There are many conditions where we need right diagnosis in right time. AVN is one of the same condition. Therefore you need to make sure that right diagnosis should happen in right time.

In other words right diagnosis in right time is half treatment. Once you have a proper diagnosis of condition like AVN. You should never indulge in some tricks. Early the stage, easy the reversal is the basic theory of the Avascular necrosis. Please read the below articles on the same topic-

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