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How AVN Treatment Works?

AVN Treatment is like a challenge for any medical science. Replacement of joint or bony part is not a solution of problem. Either it is hip replacement or it is core decompression in case of avascular necrosis. These are just temporary fixes. Not treatment. Treatment is replenishment of the decaying bone. Recreating bones and cartilages is- treatment. Why developed modern day science is not able to give proper results in cases of avascular necrosis. What are the possibilities for treatment of osteonecrosis of bones?

There are many unanswered questions. We need to find these answers. So that we can better understand the treatment guidelines of AVN.

AVN Treatment: Approach of Treatment

Treatment is not just a fix, as said above. When it comes to treatment, it is all about- reestablish. Reestablishment of physiology. Physiology is – normal functioning of the body. In case of bones or hip joint. Normal Physiology is- arteries should carry the blood to the bone. Blood carries nutrition. This helps in maintenance of bone and its surface. So working of body naturally is treatment. When due to some causes of AVN these arteries are blocked. Blood doesn’t reach to the arterial ends. This is unnatural. This is Pathology. To reverse pathology into physiology. Unnatural into natural. Bringing back the normalcy is- treatment. So in case of avascular necrosis- treatment is- opening the blood channels. Ensuring the blood supply by cleansing these channels. And to ensure the best nutrition to the body.

Total Hip Replacement: Solution or Problem

When it comes to treatment of avascular necrosis two things- core decompression and total hip replacement. Nothing beyond these two options. When it comes to results of core decompression, everybody knows these are just “least” to mention. Core Decompression is like a primary step to total hip replacement. Just after core decompression, patient is advised for total hip replacement.

Total hip replacement is- putting some metal / prosthetic implants inside body. These implants are- replacements of bones. Certainly in many cases this is important to go for such changes. But it is not also important or in other words necessary to replace the hip joint or any bone.

Reasons are lesser about requirement of patient but more about the professional needs of hospitals. Sukhayu Ayurved is the only institution where we provide successful treatment for avascular necrosis cases. Relief in pain is not the aim of treatment, we are concerned about recoveries.