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What is AVN exactly, remains a question for every patient. And moreover when we want to talk about Avascular necrosis according to Ayurveda. Every individual has questions!! These endless questions should be answered properly for every patient. I cannot touch each and every question, but few are here-

Avascular necrosis is a new disease of a new era. How can Ayurveda know about AVN?

It is the rarest one. I, never heard this before my diagnosis…..the how can Ayurveda a millennial science know about this condition?

Everybody claims that Avascular necrosis is a surgical condition, where you need to replace the “decaying side of the joint”!

These are valid questions.

And as a physician, I always try to answer these with patience, the same I am doing here for you.

Yes, there is no disease named as “Avascular Necrosis”. BUT!! There are certain conditions which are just like- Avascular Necrosis. When I say just like. It is not analogy of name. It is about process. About pathophysiology. There are two I points I always believe…

Vaidya Pardeep on Avascular Necrosis

Ayurveda and allopathy might be different in approaches. But these are the same because the “human body” and meaning of health are the same. So we need to look at the process of the disease to better understand this condition in Ayurvedic terminology.

What does happen in Avascular Necrosis?

Blood supply disturbs to a part of the bone and this leads to the decay of the bone. This happens because the blood is not able to nourish the affected part. It impacts the bone in two ways-

  1. Nourishment stops and without this new developments stops.
  2. Bad elements starts collecting in the affected part.

Because of these two subsequent activities, bone starts decaying.

So this is something that happens with the blood supply.

To understand better the condition we need to work on the same concept, to help the bone to get proper nourishment and to remove the toxins.

And to find the same counterpart in Ayurved for the same condition, we need to find the disease in Ayurveda with the same pathological involvement.

This is the belief and understanding of Ayurveda about this disease, that we have dozens of cases where we have reversed Avascular Necrosis grades.

Can Avascular Necrosis Reverse!!??

Yes! You can click on the above link to find out more about this. Because Ayurveda know a lot about Avascular Necrosis, this is the reason we got these results at Sukahyu Ayurved, Jaipur.

What does Ayurveda say about Avascular Necrosis

Ayurveda works on principles of Doshas and Dhatus.
3 Doshas and 7 Dhatus.

Vata, Pitta and Kapha are three Doshas.
Vata is responsible for – destruction.
Pitta carries the- nutrition.
Kapha is responsible for – building up new and gives strength.

As discussed in Causes of AVN page of website. In pathology of the avascular necrosis there are three common things-

  • Osteoclasts– which destroys the cells (Vata)
  • Osteoblasts– responsible for building up new to ensure strength of bones (Kapha)
  • Blood– carries nutrition (Pitta)

So now we can phrase the pathophysiology of Avascular Necrosis in terms of Ayurveda.

  • When Pitta is not getting its proper passage to provide the nutrition (Blockage in arteries).
  • It weakens the process of Kapha, because without nutrition Kapha cannot build up new bone in process of remodelling. (Osteoblasts get weakened).
  • When Kapha is weak, it strengthens the Vata to aggravates and Osteoclasts start weakening the bone.

So, Ayurveda know about the process. The main thing is to decode the Doshas properly. So that these can be balanced in a better way and results of treatment can be ensured.

What is Avascular Necrosis in Ayurveda?

When we want to draw an analogy with Avascular Necrosis, according to Ayurveda- we need to fit the above process with pathology of some disease or condition.

There are certain conditions which are close enough with this condition of avascular necrosis. These are-

  • Majjagata Vata: When Vata vitiates in the bone-marrow and this destruction leads to the decay of the bone.
  • Asthigata Vata: This is similar to the above condition- where aggravated Vata keeps on increasing activity.
  • Vata Rakta: A condition where blood supply disturbs due to several reasons and leads to the destruction of the joint.

This is skill of a physician, how one interprets the condition.

But one thing is sure that, we have many conditions which correlates with the condition of Avascular Necrosis. And finally we can say Ayurveda about Avascular Necrosis is a clear in its understanding.

Your Questions to Ayurveda about AVN

Does Ayurveda believes in bone decay theory?

Yes, Ayurveda believe that bone can decay and that too because of the blockage of the passage of blood-
वायुर्विवृद्धो वृद्हें रक्तेनावरित: पथि !!
Means that aggravated Vata blocks the passage of the blood. And among complications of the same condition, the decay of bone is well documented by classical text of Ayurveda.

Does Ayurveda recommend to stop alcohol in case of AVN?

Certainly Yes!!
As per Ayurvedic school, the first treatment of the condition is- Avoidance of causative factor- निदान परिवर्जनम that is the best way to control and treat a condition.