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AVN treatment is a big challenge for every institution. There are several reasons why every institution or pathy has no or little answers for this problems.

So here is why Avascular necrosis is thought to be just an incurable condition.

  • The first one is the aggressive nature of the disease.
  • Second reason is to inability to understand the condition.
  • And third problem in the treatment of this condition is- lack of approach.

Sukahyu Ayurved has worked hard to solve this mystery of avasculcar necrosis. This is the reason we have best in class results for this condition. When we say best avn treatment, we just mean that there should be changes in MRI. Not just relief in pain. Pain relief can be assured by any system.

For best results in AVN treatment Sukhayu Ayurved aim on two fold system-

  1. Arresting the further deterioration of condition
  2. Reconstruction of the bone and cartilage´╗┐

With these two aims we work on the cases of Avascular Necrosis of hip joint.

Best AVN Treatment

We have number of cases, where patient’s condition was stabilised. Pathological process of avascular necrosis stopped completely. And these patients are as normal as anybody else. Yet, we showcase only few cases. Cases where we delivered the best of the treatment. The cases we highlight are those- where we got changes in MRIs. Not just symptomatic relief. These MRI reports are the assets of Ayurveda, not ours. Because these changes are not because of Sukhayu Ayurved or one of our physician. These changes are possible because of the ayurvedic approach. The team of physicians, just work hard to ensure- complete application of the Ayurvedic principles while treating these cases.

Every patient is new in Ayurveda. Not new only, unique also. The treatment of the cases depend on physicians as well as on patients. Patient’s who follow the guidelines by our physicians- religiously- get best avn treatment for sure.

Cases of Best AVN Treatment

Here are few of the case histories along with MRI and Xray evidences of the patients who got best avn treatment from Sukhayu Ayurved.

Thus like wise these cases you can be next one. This is not a hard job to consult our physicians. You just fill the form below and send it to us. Attach your recent reports. Write down all the details. And our physicians will guide you better. For all possibilities of treatment.