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Choosing Best Alternative Treatments of Total Hip Replacement

Surgery!! This word can fear anyone. Simplest surgeries can turn scary, at any point of time. This is the reason everybody wants to avoid all types of surgery. Surgeries are not always bad. But, in many cases where surgeries can be avoided.

Surgeons don’t want to avoid those for “certain-reasons”.

When it is about Total Hip Replacement this concern becomes valid that- what are best alternative treatments fo total hip replacement.

There are many concerns with THR (Total Hip Replacement). Not alone the cost which makes one to think about the alternate treatments for Avascular Necrosis. The main concerns with THR are-

  • Failure of Implants.
  • Time taking process of post surgical healing of the scars.
  • Requirement of repetitive hip replacement. 
  • Risks associated with general surgical risks. 

Amid of these conditions it is important to discuss about the  alternative treatments of total hip replacement.

Alternative Treatments of Total Hip Replacement

When we look around there are three different systems. Out of these three, two are still surgical. But we need to explore everything before finalising that what you should opt for-

  • Core Decompression
  • Stem Cell Therapy
  • Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment

So let’s discus all one by one. Their utility and limitations.

Core Decompression

Once you are diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis. The first thing your orthopedist suggests you is- Core-Decompression. This is a surgical manoeuvre.

Where surgeons drill into the neck of femur. This purpose of this procedure is to reduce the pressure inside the bone. So that blood supply will increase. Once there can be some blood supply things can be saved.

But success rates of the Core Decompression are very much negative and patients in the later stage had to rush for THR immediately. This is the reason nowadays this alternate of THR is not accepted commonly. 

Stem Cell Therapy

After core decompression, this is the most commonly used alternative therapy for Avascular necrosis of the hip joint. But results are not so promising in this case.

The main issue with stem cell therapy is- how much cells survive after implantation?

Because blood supply is not available in the locations where bone decay is occurring.

Without blood supply how these stem cells can survive?

This is the reason, why, there are no fascinating results of stem cell therapy in Avascular necrosis.

Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment

Ayurvedic treatment is least explored treatment for Avascular necrosis.

When we started these treatments at Sukhayu Ayurved, Jaipur, nobody was doing treatments through Ayurvedic methodology. 

The main benefit of the Ayurvedic treatment of avascular necrosis is, we don’t confine the patient to the bed likewise in both Core decompression and Stem Cell therapy. Secondly success rates are very high in Ayurvedic treatment. 

Choosing the best alternative treatment of Total Hip Replacement

Here comes the point, how can we choose the best alternative treatment of Total Hip Replacement. The table below can clear your confusion completely about this-

Name of Treatment Core
Stem Cell
Success Rate26.8%35%82%
Possibility of
Chances of Failure73.2%65%18%
Need to bed rest3 to 6 months 3 to 6 monthsNill
Cost Effective $$$$$$$$$
Chances of THRVery HighHigh Least
Surgical Risks Yes YesNo Risks
completely safe

So decision is easy to make- opt for Ayurvedic treatment for avascular necrosis and save your hip joint from total hip replacement