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How fast AVN Progresses??

Because AVN or Osteonecrosis is a progressive condition. Thus it is destined to progress. Time interval changes appear in all cases. The question- how fast AVN progresses- is basically dependent on many other reasons. Once we are aware about these causes we can slow down the progress of this.

As a patient it worries you always that- your bone is going to decay. Thus it becomes more relevant to you to know about the progression of the avascular necrosis.

Before we touch to the main question- how fast avn progresses and causes behind the progress of the AVN. We need to know the exact meaning of the progress of AVN.

Progress of Avascular necrosis

Here are all answers you are looking for about the progress of Avascular necrosis-

Avascular means- no vasculature- no blood. This means no nutrition. Nothing can survive without nutrition. Longer is absence of nutrition complicating will be the condition. This makes AVN a progressive disease. It is not about bone, it is about blood. It is not scarcity, it is absence of nutrition.

Decay of bone. How much bone is decayed that much progressed is the disease. Grade also confirms the same thing with AVN. Grade – I least decay and grade IV/V is maximum decay of the bone.

Depends on different things. How much you are exposed to causative factor? How much careless you are as a patient? And over all how much weaker your body stamina is against disease?
These all factors decide the complexity of the disease as well as the progress of the Avascular necrosis.

Causes behind Progress of AVN

There are different things which fastens decay of bone. These things can be used as a tool to slow down the process of the disease.

Exposure to the causative factor

If you are still exposed to the causative factor behind AVN– it means you are complicating the disease further. For example your habit of alcohol and smoking caused AVN and you are continuing with both these. It means that you are complicating your disease further.

Because the first step of treatment is to avoid the causative factors. So that disease wont progress further. But in few cases because of addiction and in others unawareness about the disease; causes the regularity of consumption of alcohol and tobacco. And this complicates the condition.

Excessive Activity or wrong activity

When it is about a joint. This is always about movement. Any wrong or unwanted movement can cause further decay of the joint. In case of hip joint, it carries the whole weight of the trunk and upper body. And if you are walking excessively, it will certainly cause further fractures in the bone.

When a patient is in early grades and pain is not that severe. This type of patient should be more cautious about movements. Any excessive movement can cause collapse of cartilage or bone. And grade of AVN will complicate further.

Trauma on affected joint/bone

Above tow causes are about- carelessness. But there can be some accidents too, which complicates the condition of affected bone. Any jerk can cause the further collapse of bone or cartilage.

So when you are diagnosed with you should be careful enough.

How to slow down progress of Avascular Necrosis

Once you are diagnosed with Avascular necrosis of any bone, these are few steps which you need to follow to ensure that your condition won’t complicate in future.

  1. Avoid causative factor: Alcohol, Steroids, Tobacco or anything- if you are aware about the cause behind AVN of any bone. You should immediately avoid the causative factor. Because regular consumption of causative factor will keep on complicating the disease and condition.
  2. Keep your bone safe: Any accident or injury can complicate the condition of the bone and you might need to go for immediate joint/bone replacement. So it is important to be careful about your bone. Save your bone or joint from any trauma.
  3. Go for proper treatment: Health can never be a DIY kinda thing. You should go for the treatment where line of treatment is all about reversal of the pathological process. So that you can save your joint. Along with all the precautions this is most important thing to go for.

With right efforts. You can save your joint or bone and can avoid any chances of bone / joint replacement.