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Avascular Necrosis of Hip Treatment Without Surgery

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Name of Patient: Mr. Arvind (Name Changed)
Age : 29 Years
Profession: Architect
Date of Diagnosis: March 2017
Enrolled with Us: June 2017
Total Duration of Treatment: 2 years

Evidence based results in case of Avascular Necrosis

Arvind, just started his carrier few years back and got trapped with this condition. The corporate culture introduced alcohol. This habit remained regular for more than 5 years.

Onset of Avascular Necrosis

Mr. Arvind felt pain in right hip joint. He thought his job profile is causing this problem. Because he needed to travel a lot and standing onsite was his job. He took over-the-counter pain killers to subside the pain. But pain kept on increasing. Limping was noticeable.

He checked his condition with some neurologist and MRI of Lumbo-sacral spine was done. Mild bulge in L4-L5 was impression. He started pain killers like Gabapentine. But things kept on worsening further and limping kept on increasing.

He visited some other Orthopaedic doctor in Mumbai. After check up he was told about a disease. He had never heard of- Avascular Necrosis. This was on both sides.

MRI Findings: Grade III in Bilateral Hip Joint

He hails from Jaipur and some local reference lead Arvind to us. Rest is history.

How can Ayurveda reform the bone? He was unsure like many other patients. But before going to core decompression. He decided to try Ayurveda. And best thing is- he never required to go for any other treatment.

Condition Before Treatment

  • Inability of walking properly.
  • Limping while walking
  • Internal rotation of legs was limited
  • Disturbed sleep because of pain.
  • Was not able to do his duty.
  • Grade Before Treatment Grade- III in bilateral sides

Present Condition After Treatment

  • Walk improved for the patient.
  • No limping at all.
  • Rotation of legs improved.
  • No disturbance while sleeping.
  • Has resumed office.
  • Grade after Treatment Grade II in both hips

Avascular Necrosis of Hip Treatment Without Surgery

If conventional system of medicine says- it is incurable. It is incurable?

Not necessarily. These case studies are not studies alone. These are experiments with Ayurveda.

For me, it is always a challenge to see a young boy or girl to face disability in his early age. This is never less than a emotional torture to see such patients. This makes me stronger. More energetic. More passionate about giving the best in class results to these patients.

Vaidya Pardeep on Avascular Necrosis Patients.

If you and any of your friend is suffering with Avascular Necrosis. Ayurveda is the best hope for the treatment of this condition. Please consult Vaidya Pardeep Sharma and start the treatment. Avascular Necrosis of Hip Treatment Without Surgery can help you to lead to normal life.