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Avascular Necrosis Stage 2 and 3 treatment

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Name of Patient: Mr. Jitendar Kumar
Age : 33 Years
Profession: Govt. Sector Employee
Date of Diagnosis: June 2017
Enrolled with Us: July 2017
Total Duration of Treatment: 2 years

Mr. Jitendar consulted immediately with many orthopedicians and he ended up with only one though and that was to go for surgery later or sooner. But it is not an easy call to go for surgery in age of 33 years. He started looking for alternate to surgery for hip avn. He came to know about Sukhayu and rest made a history for patien

MRI Findings: Grade II (Rt) Grade III (Lt) Hip

Condition Before Treatment

  • Patient was not walking properly
  • Severe Limping
  • Was not able to wide open legs
  • Severe pain during night
  • Patient was not able to sleep properly
  • Patient was walking with crutches
  • Grade Before Treatment Avascular Necrosis Stage 2 and 3 treatment

Present Condition After Treatment

  • Walk improved for the patient.
  • He was able to open up his legs well.
  • Patient started walking normally.
  • No pain in the Hip Joint.
  • Can walk normally
  • Doing his duty normally
  • Grade after Treatment Avascular Necrosis Stage 1 and 2 treatment

Reversal of Grade in Avascular Necrosis

Avascular Necrosis Stage 2 and 3 treatment
Changes in MRI before and After treatment

The main concept in the treatment of Avascular Necrosis is to regenerate the affected area. In this case we found positive changes in the MRI. You can see above in the MRI. The damage in the MRI before treatment is 40-50% and after the treatment same is just 10-20%.

With pain relief methods, things remain same with the patient and radiological changes cannot appear.

Thus, we just don’t work on reduction of pain. We believe in reconstruction of bone and cartilage in all such cases. This is the reason Sukhayu is the best place for providing treatment of Avascular Necrosis Stage 2 3. Please contact us and share your all the details and we will let you to know about all possibilities of treatment.