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AVN Grade IV treatment: A Case Study

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Here are the details of the patient where we did AVN Grade IV treatment and patient reversed to the normal. You can find MRIs here within the page.

Name of Patient: Mrs. Meenu Saini
Age : 33 Years
Profession: House Wife
Date of Diagnosis: April 2007
Enrolled with Us: March 2019
Total Duration of Treatment: 1 year

She came on wheelchair to Sukhayu Ayurved. After treatment for almost 9-10 months- she can walk on her own. Not only this, her AVN grade IV reversed to just normal.

In year 2007 during pregnancy, Mrs. Meenu first noticed the pain in the hip joint. She went for the screening and she was diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis of the hip joint. At that time she was in earliest grades. But as usual, she was told to “wait-for-collapse”. And once bone will collapse completely, Total hip replacement was the only option.

Years kept on passing and her pain kept on getting complicated. And grades kept on increasing regularly. In 2018, her condition got complicated and she was diagnosed with Grade IV.

After the pain and deformity of 12 years, she decided to go for Ayurveda treatment with us. And rest is history.

Treatment plan for AVN Grade IV treatment

The main plan was to restore the blood supply to her head of femur. There was diffuse marrow edema in head and neck of femur bone. And this was leading to the subchondral collapse and irregularity of the outline of the head of femur. This was leading to the diagnosis of AVN Grade IV.

To treat this condition the main thing was to make sure proper blood supply to the bone marrow. Because that was the only way to resolve the bone marrow edema.

So we followed our line of treatment for Avascular necrosis.

Plan of TreatmentLength of Stay
First Panchakarma Session16 Days
Second Panchakarma Session8 Days
Third Panchakarma Session8 Days
Fourth Session of Panchakarma8 Days
Total Duration of Medicines10 Months

Change with Patient: Physically

Here are the changes before and after in condition of the patient.

Condition Before Treatment

  • Patient was not able to walk. She came in wheelchair.
  • Pain in left hip joint.
  • Walking with limping.
  • Patient was uneasy in sitting.
  • Hip Rotation:
    • Right 70°
    • Left 10°
  • Degree of Abduction
    • Right- 60°
    • Left- 30°
  • VAS Pain Score
    • 9

Present Condition After Treatment

  • Patient is walking normally
  • No pain at all
  • All movements are good
  • Patient can walk normally
  • Sleep is good.
  • Working regularly
  • Hip Rotation:
    • Right 70°
    • Left 90°
  • Degree of Abduction
    • Right- 80°
    • Left- 70°
  • VAS Pain Score
    • 0

Changes in MRI of patient AVN Grade IV treatment

Here is the comparison of the MRIs before and after treatment.

Findings in MRI ⬇︎Before TreatmentAfter Treatment
Marrow Edema
Joint Space
Serpiginous Areas
Subchondral Collapse
Edema in Acetabulum
Grade Of AVNGrade IVResolved Areas of

Treated Case of AVN: Reversal of Grade IV to Nill

Mrs. Saini had lost all her hopes for the treatment of Avascular Necrosis and she accepted the disability as her fate. But to just take a chance she decided to come to Sukhayu for the AVN Grade IV treatment. And this decision has helped her to achieve more than she wished for.

We are proudly the only medical institution, where we have reversed AVN and surely the only in the world where we have done the reversal of grade IV to Normal Bone.

Now no patient of AVN need to go for the Total Hip Replacement in case of Avascular Necrosis.

You can also save your joint!!!