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AVN Hip Joint Ayurvedic Treatment

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Name of Patient: Mr. Vyas
Age : 45 Years
Profession: Pvt. Sector Employee
Date of Diagnosis: April 2017
Enrolled with Us: July 2017
Total Duration of Treatment: 2 years

Non Alcoholic patient a complete teetotaller. Without any history of steroids. There were two factors in his case.

  • Excessively increased Triglycerides
  • Increased Uric Acid

We used these as markers for the pathological process. And treatment was planned according to this.

Plan of TreatmentLength of Stay
First Panchakarma Session16 Days
Second Panchakarma Session8 Days
Third Panchakarma Session8 Days
Total Duration of Medicines24 Months

Avascular Necrosis Right Hip Grade I patient

Condition Before Treatment

  • Patient was not able to walking properly.
  • Pain in right hip joint.
  • Walking with limping.
  • Patient was not able to sit properly
  • Patient was walking with crutches
  • Hip Rotation:
    • Right 40°
    • Left 80°
  • Degree of Abduction
    • Right- 20°
    • Left- 70°
  • VAS Pain Score
    • 6

Present Condition After Treatment

  • Patient is walking normally
  • No pain at all
  • All movements are good
  • Patient can walk normally
  • Sleep is good.
  • Joined his work
  • Working regularly
  • Hip Rotation:
    • Right 70°
    • Left 90°
  • Degree of Abduction
    • Right- 80°
    • Left- 70°
  • VAS Pain Score
    • 0

Treated Case of AVN: Reversal of Grade II to Grade I

Treated Case of AVN: Reversal of Grade II to Grade I
reversal of AVN

Mr. Vyas is leading a normal life. That is because of Ayurveda. Sukhayu is just a medium for the successful treatment of cases like this.

The main difference in Sukhayu Ayurved and other places is just one. At Sukhayu we follow he Ancient Ayurvedic text as it is. We never try this or that trick. The line of treatment for us is a very straight line. Command from Ayurveda text.

Ayurveda is promising for the treatment of avascular necrosis. You can be next in the list for the treatment of AVN.