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Case Study of Cured Patient of AVN Grade IV

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“I was completely disabled when I came to Sukhayu Ayurved, for treatment of my AVN of Hip Joint. I was dragging myself with help of a stick. I had already forgotten about small movements without pain and painkillers were not helping me at all.

Name of Patient: Mr. Jai Singh
Age : 33 Years
Profession: Sales Representative
Date of Diagnosis: October 2018
Enrolled with Us: November 2018
Total Duration of Treatment: 1.5 years

He started with pain in the knee joint. And it seemed to him as if it was just over exertion or some injuries. But even with painkillers and medicines pain was increasing everyday. He was not able to go to toilet even, without any support.

His pain was so disabling for him that he was not able to wear his trousers. Even it was challenging for him to go to toilet. He was completely bedridden. I remember three persons were holding him and he was crying with pain, when I saw him for the first time. He was suggested for total hip replacement by everyone. But his financial condition was not so that he can even think about the same. Moreover he was not ready to opt for hip replacement in age of 33 years.

Vaidya Pardeep about Jai Singh’s first visit to Sukhayu

His one hip was in grade IV and other in grade II. He was looking for the pain relief, because this pain was disabeling him. And for those, who think Ayurveda works slow, Jai Singh is an answer. He came with support but after first visit he was able to walk back to home by his own.

Treatment for AVN

Without any history of any disease and no use of steroids. Jai Singh was not an alcoholic too. It was a case of idiopathic Avascular necrosis and challenge was to control his pain along with saving his hip joints.

He followed the our line of treatment for Avascular necrosis. Where he repeatatively came for Panchakarma sessions. The role of panchakarma is main in case of Avascular necrosis. Because panchakarma helps in removing the obstruction in the blood supply and also helps to nourish the body, at the same time.

Plan of TreatmentLength of Stay
First Panchakarma Session16 Days
Second Panchakarma Session8 Days
Third Panchakarma Session8 Days
Fourth Session of Panchakarma8 Days
Total Duration of Medicines10 Months

Physical changes in patient’s condition

Here are the changes before and after in condition of the patient.

Condition Before Treatment

  • Patient was confined to bed.
  • Pain in hip joint and knee.
  • Walking with limping.
  • Patient was not able to sit or stand.
  • Hip Rotation:
    • Right 5°
    • Left 15°
  • Degree of Abduction
    • Right- 10°
    • Left- 20°
  • VAS Pain Score
    • 9

Present Condition After Treatment

  • Patient is walking normally
  • Only pains after heavy exertion.
  • All movements restored to normal.
  • Patient is walking normally
  • Sleep is good.
  • Working properly
  • Hip Rotation:
    • Right 70°
    • Left 80°
  • Degree of Abduction
    • Right- 50°
    • Left- 60°
  • VAS Pain Score
    • 2

Changes in MRI of patient AVN Grade IV treatment

He was asked to check his MRI to know about the condition of the hip joint. The physical changes what we get with the patient were not just relief. The same changes were evident in the MRI too. Here is the MRI for comparison.

Here is the comparison of the MRIs before and after treatment.

Findings in MRI ⬇︎Before TreatmentAfter Treatment
Marrow Edema
Joint Space
Serpiginous Areas
Subchondral Collapse
Edema in Acetabulum
Grade Of AVNGrade IV and Grade IIGrade II and Garde I

Takeaway from the case

How this was possible to achieve the quick results in a case, was a question to us too. And answer for this was-

  • Case of Mr. Singh was a case of Idiopathic Avascular Necrosis
  • His age was the second factor for the quick recovery.
  • He followed all guidelines properly.
  • Patient followed the diet and lifestyle completely as suggested by Vaidya Pardeep Sharma.
  • Lastly but most importantly, the mind set of the patient was an important and in this case patient was fully cooperative.

As a physician I have met many patients and my observation is- faith is the main ingredient of the treatments and medicines. Where we can bring this ingredient in the treatment, things move in positive direction and very much quickly.

Every patient wants results like Jai Singh. But the ingredient of faith cannot be induced through any medicines. A patient needs to have patience and faith and that helps every physician to bring magic.

Vaidya Pardeep on recovery of AVN patient Mr. Jai Singh

In surgery, this is a surgeon who does everything. But in case of physicians, we cannot do everything or anything alone. This is a patient who helps us to bring back normalcy of a patient. And if you can induce this ingredient of faith, certainly you can also achieve results like Mr. Jai Singh!!