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Complete Cure of AVN of Hip Joint

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Name of Patient: Mr. Manjul Shukla
Age : 39 Years
Profession: Businessman
Date of Diagnosis: March 2018
Enrolled with Us: April 2018
Total Duration of Treatment: 1 years

A middle aged person. Well to do in his work. Doing his own business. Where he has a very active lifestyle. All of a sudden feels pain in hip. He is given a list of don’ts, reading-

  • Don’t stand on your hips.
  • Don’t walk.
  • Use wheelchair.
  • Don’t use stairs.
  • Plan for surgery, later or sooner.

This was the treatment plan for the patient. No hope, no happiness only restrictions.

The main problem with all everybody is- they are too much impressed with western sciences. The illusion of infrastructures and machines work on them.

MRI Findings: Early Changes of AVN on Right Hip Joint

Once some allopath doctor has said that it is not curable and it will complicate further. Patients just believe that – this condition is just incurable. This is a final verdict for them.

When they comes for Ayurveda treatment. It is hard for them to believe. It takes a lot to make them believe that complete cure of AVN of hip joint is possible with Ayurveda.

It takes, results. Where we can prove these radiologically.

How AVN occurred?

Details of Mr. Shukla-

Non Alcoholic, non smoker, well educated business man without any history of any chronic disease.

He had low back ache and sciatica. For that he had taken some medicines before the diagnosis of the disease. Otherwise there was no history of any kind of disease with him.

Process of complete cure of AVN of hip Joint

Mr. Shukla was admitted for three times to Sukhayu

For the first time – 16 days. Panchakarma was done. In this we included Basti Chikitsa- in which we give medicines through the anal route. This helps body to absorb “primary metabolites” of certain medicines.

The main purpose of the treatment is to remove the blockage within the arteries. This helps in regaining the nutrition to the bone. This is all according to our approach for Ayurvedic treatment of Avascular necrosis.

Medicines were continued back home and patient was admitted twice for 8-8 days treatment at Sukhayu Ayurved Hospital.

The whole journey was wonderful because of corporation from Mr. Shukla. We won, Ayurveda won and a 5000 years old system won. and we were able to show a complete cure of avn of hip joint to him. Where radiologically things were resolved.