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From AVN to Bodybuilding : A case Study of AVN

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If you ask about success story of Avascular Necrosis and about a story of hope and courage. This is the story of Mr. Kaleem. For us at Sukhayu this is not just a case study where we treated AVN and brought normal life to the patient. Kaleem is an example and an inspiration for everybody whosoever is suffering with AVN.

He was a gym freak. And for bodybuilding somebody suggested him for steroids. He took these. But this turned very bad for him. He lost his hip. All of a sudden he had severe pain in his hip joint. He visited medical facilities for the treatment of pain. And he was diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis. He was suggested bluntly for total hip replacement.

Crutches in both hands and no hope for walking normally- this was Mr Kaleem, when he first visited Sukhayu Ayurved. He just wanted to make sure that he won’t need to go for a surgery. Gym and all other things were just a dream for him.

Mr. Kalem Before Treatment of AVN

The image speaks a lot and needs not any description.

Avascular Necrosis Patient Detail

Here are details of the Avascular necrosis patient:

Patient Details
Age34 Years
PrakrutiVaat & Kaphaja
Satamya Madhyama
SaarRakt and Asthi Saar
Other disease HistoryNo
H/O SteroidsYes
Grade of AVNGrade III

Recovery of the Grade III AVN

He asked two questions before the treatment-

  1. AVN should not go to another hip in my case.
  2. I should be walking without any crutches.

And yes we achieved the same within six months. He started doing his normal life and we recorded this video then.

Kaleem bhai was leading a normal life. He started working for the whole day and he was comfortable completely.

But his dream of “bodybuilding” was haunting him regularly.

I do remember he came one day to me and asked for a favour! I want to go for bodybuilding he asked me. And I was stunned after this. Certainly my first answer was a BIG NO. Because I was concern about his health. We had a long discussion. But at last he convinced me to try the exercises for a month or so. I agreed with him but I was not happy. I was unsure where we will lead with this case. But rest is a history……

Vaidya Pardeep on Mr. Kaleem

He started the workouts after recovery and he did it with full enthusiasm and amazingly the same man changed his body completely.

Working out in Gym with care

Mr. Kaleem Started the working out in the gym and he was careful about his hip joint throughout this journey of transformation.

He didn’t took any steroids, followed a diet with restrictions what we had suggested him to stay away from the avascular necrosis of the hip joint. In starting days it was a challenge for him to follow the diet and do the exercises but with time he got used to this. He had forgotten the disability by then and he kept continue his exercises.

Now he started feeling that he can go beyond one point and amazingly he decided to go for some bodybuilding competitions. He was determined and this helped him a lot to complete this journey.

Final Achievement

He was in news everywhere. He changed his destiny. The challenge he accepted, he completed. This was a mutual achievement for Kalim Ji and Sukhayu both.

On one time he was struggling to walk and after just two year the same man won title of Mr. Jaipur in a particular category. He was on crutches but he didn’t lose hope and decided to fight for his life.

You can also lead to a normal life with Ayurveda treatment for AVN. Surely, everybody cannot be like Kaleem Sir. But at least you can get rid of the disability and can lead a normal life.

The solution for the Avascular Necrosis is not surgery. Surgery brings more restrictions and leaves you helpless further. But with Ayurveda treatment of AVN you can lead a normal life without pain, disability and without any further risk….

You can be next for the treatment at Sukhayu Ayurved…..