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Non Surgical Treatment for Avascular Necrosis of the Hip

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Name of Patient: Mr. Santosh Kumar
Age : 39 Years
Profession: Private Sector Employee
Date of Diagnosis: May 2016
Enrolled with Us: July 2017
Total Duration of Treatment: 2 years

Chronic Alcoholic patient, who damaged his hips because of heavy consumption of alcohol. He consumed alcohol for years. The pain started all of a sudden in the hip joint of Mr. Santosh. He was diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis of both hip joint in May 2016.

Before coming to Sukhayu, nobody suggested Santosh to stop alcohol. Because of that disease kept on progressing. Target of orthopaedics was to change the hip joint only.

MRI Findings: Bilateral Hip Avascular Necrosis of Grade III

Condition of Patient Before Treatment

  • Improper gait of patient
  • Legs were not coming closer to together
  • Severe pain in B/L hip Joints
  • Walking with great limp
  • Sleep impaired due to pain during night hours
  • Patient was walking with crutches
  • Hip Rotation:
    • Right 10°
    • Left 20°
  • Degree of Abduction
    • Right- 40°
    • Left- 20°
  • VAS Pain Score
    • 8

Condition After Treatment

  • Patient walking normally
  • Can close the legs.
  • Mild irregular pain that too on excessive activity
  • Patient can walk normally
  • No pain while sleeping
  • Patient walks normally
  • Joined his work
  • Working regularly
  • Hip Rotation:
    • Right 70°
    • Left 80°
  • Degree of Abduction
    • Right- 80°
    • Left- 60°
  • VAS Pain Score
    • 2

The main core of Non Surgical Treatment for Avascular Necrosis of the Hip in case of alcoholic patients is to remove the toxins from the body. Since this patient was alcoholic. The main procedure of Panchakarma for Avascular Necrosis of hip was- Virechana.

Virechana aggravates Vata. Thus pain increased. The next panchakarma treatment was Basti. Majja and Vasa (Bone marrow and animal fats) were given in this treatment. This helped in reduction of Bone marrow oedema of the patient’s femur neck.

Radiological Changes of Avascular Necrosis

reversal of AVN
Changes in Xray are evident

When we can make things evident, only then we can claim that we have treatment for the condition.

After Virechana because Vata aggravates. Thus pain increased. The next step was Basti. He was given Karma Basti with Majja and Vasa. So that we can reduce the Bone marrow oedema of the patient’s femur neck. This worked well. Gate of Mr. Santosh improved just in 30 days of time.