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Recovery in Avascular Necrosis in Grade IV

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He had issues with hairfall. Somebody suggested a medicine to him and he decided to take that. But he was not aware that the medicine for his hair fall condition will prove a nightmare to him in future. All of a sudden he felt pain in the hip. And in next few days, walking normally became challenge for him. And he came to know about Avascular Necrosis. He was diagnosed with Avascular necrosis of hip joint in month of May 2018 and in June 2018 his journey for Ayurveda treatment for AVN started in june 2018.

Name of Patient: Mr. Vijay Gupta
Age : 28 Years
Profession: Businessman
Date of Diagnosis: May 2018
Enrolled with Us: July 2018
Total Duration of Treatment: 1.5 years

He was also tortured with the thought of the total hip replacement at all the medical facilities, wherever he went. He was afraid of the surgery. Moreover in the young age of 28 years, when this was the time to build his career, he as on the verge of disability.

Waling was a challenge for him. He contacted Vaidya Pardeep ji and after initial assessment he started the Ayurveda treatment for AVN of hip joint.

Avascular Necrosis Patient Detail

Here are details of the Avascular necrosis patient:

Patient Details
Age28 Years
Satamya Madhyama
SaarRakt and Asthi Saar
Other disease HistoryNo
H/O SteroidsYES

Recovery of the Grade IV AVN

Mr. Vijay has taken 4 sitting for his problem of AVN at Sukhayu Ayurved Jaipur. His progress went like the following-

After 1st Sitting

  • Vijay was able to walk normally.
  • His pain was reduced 20-30%.
  • He didn’t need any support to walk after this first sitting.
  • Patient was able to sleep properly.
  • His legs started opening wide and
  • Limping while walking reduced markedly.

After 2nd Sitting of Panchakarma for AVN

  • Vijay had no restriction in the movement.
  • He started walking freely.
  • Vijay was able to walk without any problem.
  • Limping reduced completely.
  • His posture changed completely.
  • He never used any medicines for pain in last 6 months.

After 3rd Sitting of Panchakarma

  • Vijay got his MRI and he got reversal of the AVN.
  • Besides the changes in the MRI, he was able to walk properly.
  • He started his daily routine like any other normal person.
  • Even, patient shared that he started following his hoby of dancing too.
  • No pain, limping and no problem in doing any activities.

“Ab AVN se dar nahin lagtaa hai (Now I don’t fear from AVN)”- Vijay told us for the first time. And when asked ho does he feel now, his remarks were- “dubara janam huaa hai Sir” (it is like rebirth for me).

Reversal of Grade in Avascular Necrosis

Case of Vijay taught us that AVN is something which you can get rid of with Ayurveda treatment. It doesn’t matter what MRI says- what mattered was confidence and life with the person after the treatment.

The absurd approach of replacement of the joints is not helpful at all. But orthopedicians only does this to make money from a diseased person. If we talk about Vijay, he should have got at least 3 THR in his life time. His fear was justified.

But Ayurveda treatment changed his life completely. The smile and confidence on his face is priceless and is a driving force for the team of Sukhayu where we endlessly keep on trying to give the best results in the diseases like AVN.

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