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Reversal of AVN Grade 3 to 2

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When he was diagnosed with the AVN it shattered the hope as it does with anybody else with this disease. The man who was okay few days back all of a sudden comes to know about something AVN. And this is not start, this is towards a terminal stage- garde III.

Name of Patient: Mr. Raj Kumar Sharma
Age : 44 Years
Profession: Businessman
Date of Diagnosis: August 2018
Enrolled with Us: September 2018
Total Duration of Treatment: 1.5 years

He moved from one orthopaedic to the other one and everywhere there was one solution- go for Total Hip Replacement. You will have to do this later or sooner. This was the commandment for him.

He comes to know about Vaidya Pardeep and his skills for treatment of Avascular necrosis. He contacted us. His reports were studied and finally he joined Sukhayu for the treatment in month of September 2018.

Avascular Necrosis Patient Detail

Here are details of the Avascular necrosis patient:

Patient Details
Age44 Years
PrakrutiPittaja & Kaphaja
Satamya Madhyama
SaarRakt and Mamsa Saar
Other disease HistoryNo
H/O SteroidsNo

Recovery of the Grade III AVN

Condition Before Treatment

  • Patient was walking with limp.
  • Severe pain in the hip joint.
  • Pain always increased while sleeping
  • Restriction of movements.
  • Patient had to use stick to walk.
  • Grade Before Treatment Avascular Necrosis Stage 3

Present Condition After Treatment

  • Patient able to walk normally.
  • No pain in the hip joint.
  • Patient started walking normally.
  • No pain in the Hip Joint.
  • Pain completely diminished within two months.
  • Doing his duty normally
  • Grade after Treatment Avascular Necrosis Stage 2

Reversal of Grade in Avascular Necrosis

In age of 44 bones naturally start becomes porous and challenge in this case was to stop the further decay. But the commitment of the patient helped us to get proper results. The positive mind set of Rajkumar ji was another asset for us.

There were no medicines for just reducing the pain. The main aim of the treatment of AVN in this case was to restore the blood supply. As soon as we get back the normal blood supply. This recovery of the blood supply lead us to recovery of the deceased bone and pain both.