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Reversal of Grade IV AVN to Grade II

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AVN patients certainly needs to go for total hip replacement, later and sooner. Reversal is impossible. But with Ayurveda treatment I saved my hip joint and I can work normally. I got my life back.

After Treatment of AVN

Name of Patient: Wazid Khan
Age : 21 Years
Profession: Self Employed
Date of Diagnosis: November 2016
Enrolled with Us: April 2018
Total Duration of Treatment: 1.5 years

Wazid, felt pain in the knee joint, while doing daily activities. He thought this is just some pain only. But with time he started feeling pain in his thigh and hip joint too. He went from one neurologist to another regularly, but it took almost 6 months for him to know there is something like avascular necrosis disease.

Before age of twenty years, he was in between of something every serious. And everybody suggested him for hip replacement. Go for hip replacement now or later- was a simple answer for him. He came to know about “Ayurveda option”. And he joined us for the treatment.

This was a dicy decision for me. I was doubtful. Everybody was suggesting for “hip replacement” and Vaidya Pardeep told me he can save my hip joints. I had heard about “quacks”. I was skeptical.

But anyhow, I just dared myself to go for the treatment. And I still thanks God for my decision. I was wrong. My life changed completely after this treatment.

Wazid, when he expressed his experience.

Grade IV AVN treatment

The blood doesn’t nourish the bone and this makes the bone decay. This lack of the blood supply leads to the inflammation in the bone marrow. When there is no nourishment to the bone marrow. This leads to the collapse of the bone. Same had happened to the hip joint of Wazid.

His MRI was reading, subchondral collapse and flattening of the round shaped hip joint. The main concern of the treatment for us was to bring back the normal blood supply to the bone marrow so that we can ensure that there won’t be further decay of the bone. Because Wazid is young, his body responded well and we got proper results in his case.

We just followed our approach of treatment for Avascular necrosis.

Plan of TreatmentLength of Stay
First Panchakarma Session16 Days
Second Panchakarma Session8 Days
Third Panchakarma Session8 Days
Total Duration of Medicines10 Months

Changes in MRI of patient AVN Grade IV treatment

Here is the comparison of the MRIs before and after treatment.

Findings in MRI ⬇︎Before TreatmentAfter Treatment
Marrow Edema
Joint Space
Serpiginous Areas
Subchondral Collapse
Edema in Acetabulum
Grade Of AVNGrade IVGrade II

The final summary for Grade IV AVN treatment

There is a complete negligence towards the condition of the AVN among the orthopedicians in western medicines. They just believe, what they know only. And this negligence is pushing more and more patients towards hip replacements.

When patients opt for total hip replacement in age of Wazid. This leads them to more and more complications during rest of the life. The surgery is called successful when there are no complications associated with surgery appear. But the restrictions remains same with patients and most of these patients are helpless in their daily lives.

Yes surely, at Sukhayu Ayurved, we regard science. And we also suggest our patients to opt for the surgery, when their condition is not good at all. Because we know and understand that science is all about “learning” and “openness”. Therefore we recommend the surgery with immediate effect, when the patient needs it.

But in a condition where you can make a smart move about treatment of AVN like Wazid, you can also save your joints.