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Successful Treatment of AVN: Case Study

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A young boy who comes from Bhilwara. He was struggling for his career and studies at the same time. One day he felt some pain in the hip joint. He visited some doctor and doctor told him that this is just a muscular pain. Doctor prescribed pain killers to him. Pain remained under controlled with medicines but as soon as he stopped the medicines, his condition was same like before.

He kept on struggling for the right diagnosis. But it took almost an year to get the proper diagnosis in his case. After he got his MRI of hip joint, it was sure that he was suffering with Avascular Necrosis.

Now his search for treatment of avascular necrosis started. At every place he was told that his final destination for AVN is – total hip replacement. Later or sooner he will have to go for surgery for AVN. It was a taruma for the family with poor economic background.

Somebody suggested him for Sukhayu Ayurved and Vaidya Pardeep for the treatment of hip joint. This is how he reached to us. He was not able to walk properly the day he came to us.

Why Does he got AVN?

I was lean and thin since childhood. I kept on trying everything to gain weight. But all efforts went in vain. Then one of my friend suggested me for some medicine to gain weight. And I decided to try those medicines. I took these medicines for 4 to 5 months and just after that I started feeling pain in the hip joint.

Patient about history of his condition

This is not alone about this one patient, where he trapped in the nexus of the steroids to look better. This is important to know for all the patients that these “magic-medicines” are nothing more than harmful chemicals.

This is always advisable to take the steroidal medicines in cases where these are important to save the life of a person. But these are not supposed to be taken without prescription.

Avascular Necrosis Patient Detail

Name of Patient: Mr. Aakash Sahu
Age : 22 Years
Profession: Student
Date of Diagnosis: October 2016
Enrolled with Us: September 2018
Total Duration of Treatment: 2 years

Patient Details
Age22 Years
Satamya Madhyama
SaarAsthi Saar
Other disease HistoryNo
H/O SteroidsYES

Recovery of the Grade III AVN

Here are the details about condition of Ashok Sahu and his clinical findings. We evaluate our patients according to quality of life, not only on the basis of the reports.

Problem Patient was facingBefore Treatment After Treatment
Walking Restriction in walkingWalking Freely
LimpingExcessive limpingNo Limping at all
Pain in nightPain was severe, was not able to sleep properly Patient can sleep without any pain.
Restriction of Movements Was not able to sit on bike normally Doing everything normally
Rotation of Hip JointRt-30° / Lt-35° Rt-70° / Lt-55°
Abduction of Hip JointCompletely restricted Doing easily
Grade Of AVNGrade III of AVN – B/LGrade I on right and II on Left Hip Joint

So you can see the difference in the condition of the patient. How the patient recovered. Now here is the video testimonial from Ashok, you can watch it here.

Ayurveda Treatment for AVN

Every case study of the AVN patients is a story of hope, dreams and assurance. In a patient who is just 22 years old have a lot to do with his wife, without surgery AVN treatment means a lot. It is easy to comment that you need to go for the total hip replacement. But for a patient who doesn’t have resources and is very much young- this cannot work.

The commitment of Sukhayu Ayurved is towards our patients of Avascular Necrosis is to save their joints. This is possible because of the proper approach of the treatment. The results in AVN with Sukhayu Ayurved is because of the better understanding of the disease.

If you are also suffering with the condition, please come and meet Vaidya Pardeep Ji after making an appointment and surely you can also walk normally like Ashok and hundreds of our patients.