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Can Avascular Necrosis be Reversed

When first time you get the pain in the hip joint, almost 90% patients think about “some muscular strain”. But this strain keeps on increasing day by day and later you come to know about something complicated- Avascular necrosis. And everybody suggests you to go for Hip Replacement. Now starts your search for solution. The most common question, which haunts you is- can Avascular necrosis be reversed? And second one is – how can avascular necrosis reverse?

Here I, Vaidya Dr. Pardeep Sharma, will try to answer both your queries- one by one.

First we need to know the possibility of the reversal of avascular necrosis. This exposition should be all scientific.

Logic and sense is science.

Before we will discuss about the reversal, here we need to know few basic things about the AVN. And here, when I am writing AVN, it might be AVN of Shoulder joint or even of the Hip Joint. That hardly makes any difference.

Avascular Necrosis

AVN is abbreviation for avascular necrosis.

Avascular means- lack of vasculature- lack of blood supply.

Necrosis stands for – decay.

So, AVN is a disease where “tissue” decays because of the loss of blood supply.

Blood supply helps in two ways to the tissues-

  1. Carries the nutrition.
  2. Removes the toxins from the body.

Because these two activities stop- new cells cannot develop and perform their activities. And increased “collection” of the “toxins” damages the tissues in the region.

This can happen to any bone of the body.

So what is the main thing- STOPPAGE OF THE BLOOD SUPPLY.

Avascular necrosis is not about bones. This is about blood supply.

Now comes the second question- is there any possibility that decayed cartilage or bone can – regenerate?

Does Bone has Regeneration capacities?

Bone has wonderful capacity to regenerate. This process remains continue throughout the life. This process occurs in two ways- healing of the fractures and remodelling. The second process remains continue. There are two things which help in this process-

Stem Cells in Bone

Stem cells are in abundance in the body, specially in the bones. Bones keep on “remodelling”- bones keep on “building” and “destroying”. These cells are located in bone marrow.

So these are readily available for production of new bones.

The problem is- when these cells doesn’t get nutrition through the blood- these cells starts dying. That is why- in avascular necrosis– these cells become helpless and cannot build new bone.

You might have read about- Bone Marrow Edema in your MRI report. This bone marrow edema shows the improper working of the tissues, including the stem cells.

Bones are Embryologically “trained” for Regeneration

Human body develops in three layers. These three layers are- ectodermal- the outermost, the middle one is- mesodermal and the internal most is- endodermal. Different organs and body parts develop from these three different layers-

  • Endodermal: Digestive System, Respiratory system, Liver, Pancreas, Spleen etc.
  • Mesodermal : Muscles, Bones, Blood Arteries etc.
  • Ectodermal : Nervous system, tooth, retinal layer etc.

What is the relation of the question- can Avascular Necrosis be Reversed? The answer is- mesoderm. This is the mesoderm- which is capable of “regeneration”. Just like- tail of a wall lizard.

The body parts which originate from the mesoderm are- bones and blood arteries. So simple answer is- yes bones and blood arteries (which are involved in the disease of AVN) are “repairable” and these can “regenerate” themselves.

So finally we have two completely scientific explanations which make sense to use the term- “yes bones can regenerate“.

Why surgeons don’t understand this simple factual thing “bones can regenerate”?

Why does surgeons “suggest” and “force” for- total hip replacement?

Surgeons are trained for surgeries!! This is the only explanation I can give most of the time. This is “eagerness” to replace a joint which might be part of their work most of the times.

But scientifically one thing is clear- bones can regenerate and grades of AVN can reverse.

Now comes the main question-

How can Avascular Necrosis Reverse?

The same two capacities, discussed above, of the bones and blood arteries, help in healing in osteonecrosis.

We make two mistakes in case of avascular necrosis. These two mistakes complicate the treatment of avascular necrosis, here are these two-

  • We believe that AVN is about bones
  • We don’t reverse the pathological process of the avascular necrosis.

These two mistakes, complicate the whole thing.

AVN is not about bones

This is the basic mistake, we always make.

Because AVN occurs in the bones, therefore we always think that this is a disease of the bones.

But it is not so.

AVN affects BONES, but problem is with the BLOOD SUPPLY.

The bone decays because there is no blood.

But so called- physicians and specialists- prescribe the calcium, vitamin D and some other stuff, and this confuses me always.


Bones don’t need nutritional supplements.

Bones need basic requirement- bones need blood.

The second point is related to the pathological developments related to this blood supply.

We don’t Challenge Pathological Process

Because we don’t understand the basic problem, therefore we don’t challenge the problem too.

The main pathological problem is-

Blood arteries are occluded due to the free fat globules- which make because of alcohol and steroids.

Or the condition like SLE causes constriction of arteries and stop the blood supply to the affected part of the bone.

Third might be some problems like Sickle Cell Anaemia, which can lead to the problem of AVN.

Now the basic sensible thing is to work on the root cause of the problem. Until unless we won’t address the root cause of the problem, how can we repair the condition to the normal?

This is not just a mistake, this is more than a blunder- which complicates the whole treatment process of the Avascular Necrosis.

This is the most commonly asked question by patients, even after explaining the scientific understanding.

Now question is- can these theoretical points can be translated in results?

YES Avascular Necrosis reverses!!

We dare to say so, because we have seen many cases like this where Ayurvedic treatment for avascular necrosis reversed the grade of AVN. This is possible because of the approach towards treatment of avascular necrosis in Ayurveda.

These two images of Xray and MRI are evident of these changes, what we achieved in such cases-

Can Avascular Necrosis be Reversed
Can Avascular Necrosis be Reversed: Yes we have evidences for the first time
Reversal of AVN from Grade IV to Grade II

These case studies are just like achievements for team of Sukhayu Ayurveda.

What is the process of Reversals of AVN with Ayurveda?

So now we have three things-

  1. We have scientific exposition that- bones has capacity to regenerate.
  2. Now we understand that we need to work on the cause of the problem.
  3. We have evidences of reversal of the Avascular Necrosis.

On behalf of these three points, now we know that

The basic nature of the AVN is- lack of nutrition.

This lack of nutrition occurs because of the blockage in the passage of the blood. This is the point where everybody seems confused. Allopathy, Homeopathy and Ayurvedic people start giving this or that composition of calcium. But it is not about calcium and phosphorus.

One more concept in this list is Vitamin D. But nothing works properly. Because problem is neither with calcium, phosphorus nor with vitamin D.

Problem is with the nourishment of the head of femur in hip joint. This process occurs because of many different causes of AVN. The lack of clinical skills and reasoning leads to sale of medicines for avascular necrosis.

And on the same time greed of money makes surgeons to just suggest the hip surgery for AVN. This is all about commercial aspect of the condition. Therefore no body tells you that- YES you avascular necrosis reverses. And you can avoid hip replacement.

Cases where Avascular Necrosis was reversed

We have dozens of cases, where we found reversal of the avascular necrosis. Somebody returned from grade 3 to 2, some body managed to come to just normal after the treatment of grade 1 of avascular necrosis. Not in all cases. We have a success rate of just 85%. We are working hard to improve this so that we can ensure everybody for treatment of avascular necrosis. And proudly can say- yes avascular necrosis can be reversed through Ayurvedic treatment.

Here are few of these cases for your kind evaluation-

These are not just few case studies for us. These all patients are a result of faith in Ayurvedic treatment. These patients taught us how to treat the avn. Therefore we believe that we owe a lot to all these patients. Who handed over their body to us with faith. And Ayurvedic treatment for AVN ensured the treatment of all these people.

Therefore, if you are suffering with avascular necrosis. No need to panic. Yes Ayurvedic treatment can reverse this condition to normal. You can lead a pain free life. Your walk will improve everyday. For this, please forward your MRI to us through contact us page and we will revert you with all possible solution. Thus from now onwards you just need to know the answer of – Can Avascular Necrosis be Reversed… is YES!!