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Case Studies

Research and education are the main ingredients of – Medical Profession. Because these are the two only ways through which we can ensure best results in our treatments. These are few case studies of the Avascular Necrosis, where we have discussed the outcomes of the Ayurvedic treatment in AVN.

We have witnessed complete reversal of the AVN in many cases and reversal of grade is common for our AVN patients at Sukhayu. The main challenge for us in the treatment is to stop the progress of the disease like AVN. In western medicines everybody is just waiting that later or sooner patient will meet disability and will come for THR. But opposite to this at Sukhayu, with Ayurvedic Panchakarma we are ensuring the complete treatment of a disease like AVN.

Before you read the case studies:

Among these case studies of AVN, every patient is a different patient. These pateints are different in every mean-

  • In Causative factors
  • In their age
  • The problems
  • The physical condition
  • Damage to their joints
  • And most importantly according to their Ayurvedic bio-constitution.

These patients are not only success of Sukhayu Ayurved. They themselves put their best efforts for the success of the treatment. When as a patient you wish to repeat the success like them all you need to be like them- honest to yourself and us. You need to follow the guidelines of our physicians too. Treatment and its success is not only about taking some medicines. Treatment is a journey and a process and you need to complete this by your own.

Here are the case studies…

Case Studies on Avascular Necrosis

A young boy who comes from Bhilwara. He was struggling for his career and studies at the same time.

Successful Treatment of AVN: Case Study

Wazid, felt pain in the knee joint, while doing daily activities.

Reversal of Grade IV AVN to Grade II

Mr. Rakesh, got the attack of SLE in years 2017

Reversal Of AVN grade in A SLE Patient: A case Study

The man who was okay few days back all of a sudden comes to know about something AVN.

Reversal of AVN Grade 3 to 2

He had issues with hairfall. Somebody suggested a medicine to him and he decided to take that.

Recovery in Avascular Necrosis in Grade IV

Chronic Alcoholic patient, who damaged his hips because of heavy consumption of alcohol.

Non Surgical Treatment for Avascular Necrosis of the Hip

He was a gym freak. And for bodybuilding somebody suggested him for steroids.

From AVN to Bodybuilding : A case Study of AVN

All of a sudden she started feeling pain in the hip and groin. This pain was disabling her.

Complete Reversal of Avascular Necrosis

This was the treatment plan for the patient. No hope, no happiness only restrictions.

Complete Cure of AVN of Hip Joint

He started with pain in the knee joint. And it seemed to him as if it was just over exertion or some injuries.

Case Study of Cured Patient of AVN Grade IV

Non Alcoholic patient a complete teetotaller. Without any history of steroids.

AVN Hip Joint Ayurvedic Treatment

She came on wheelchair to Sukhayu Ayurved. After treatment for almost 9-10 months

AVN Grade IV treatment: A Case Study

it is not an easy call to go for surgery in age of 33 years. He started looking for alternate to surgery for hip avn.

Avascular Necrosis Stage 2 and 3 treatment

The corporate culture introduced alcohol. This habit remained regular for more than 5 years.

Avascular Necrosis of Hip Treatment Without Surgery