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Not Hip Alone

Avascular necrosis or AVN impacts only hip bone or head of femur. It seems like this. But not true. This condition is also known as- osteonecrosis. Osteonecrosis and Avascular necrosis of the bone are synonyms in a broader sense. Osteonecrosis- decay of the bone can happen due to several other reasons. But in case of Avascular necrosis, reason is – problem with blood supply. Otherwise osteonecrosis can be caused by different conditions too. Still in case of AVN this is not the hip alone which might be affected. Other bones like- femur on knee joint and other bones can also get this disease.

Where else AVN can occur

Avascular necrosis most commonly affects the ends of long bones such as the femur (the bone extending from the knee joint to the hip joint). Other common sites include the humerus (the bone of the upper arm), knees, shoulders, ankles and the jaw. Sot it is not important that you will have some impact on the femur alone. Small bones like Jaw are also at a risk of the disease. 

Basically this is uniqueness of Ayurved that it looks on body as a whole. Ayurved itself is specialised. Specialisation in Ayurved is not required because- The person who knows all spheres of the treatment is the only complete Vaidya. Same approach works on Avascular Necrosis too. Which bone is affected, matters very much little in Ayurved. What matters is the cause. What matters in for treatment of AVN is the approach.

Main approach is to ensure the proper blood supply to the terminal end of the bone. Once we can ensure this blood supply we can get rid of the problem. This is the only reason in many cases we have found reversal in the grade of AVN.

Avascular Necrosis: Don’t let it to spread

Most of the people think that once you have Avascular necrosis and you change the affected bone- it is enough. Not really. This condition is a problem with the system where cells are affected because of the lack of oxygen. Amazingly osteoblast cells – which are responsible for “keeping” bone intact. When these cells stop working, bone starts decaying. This is the basic problem in avascular necrosis.

So inspite of looking at total hip replacement- you can avoid hip replacement and certainly through Ayurved you can avoid hip replacement too.