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Treatment for Avascular Necrosis

What should be the principles of the treatment of AVN? If someone asks this, there should be a crystal clear concept behind this. And the main approach in treatment for avascular necrosis should be like-

  1. To stop the further degeneration of the bone.
  2. Working on the opening the passage of blood.
  3. To ensure proper blood supply to the affected bone.
  4. To “regrow” the bone- if possible.

Age and other factors are involved in the last point.

But when it comes to western medicines, this becomes an approach of procedures-

  • Go for core decompression and once it fail go for Total Hip Replacement.
  • Go for stem cell implantation wait for its work, once failed plan for Total Hip Replacement (THR).
  • Try Biophosphonates for two years and finally go for THR.
  • Keep on waiting for complete decay of the bone and then go for THR.

In nutshell, Total hip replacement is the only answer to the problem. This way or that way destination is the same.

Why Total Hip Replacement is the only option in AVN of Hip Joint

It is not and it was never like- that there is no other option for the treatment of Avascular Necrosis. But the corporate culture in hospitals is leading all the patients to THR or bone replacement surgeries!

Any treatment should based on APPROACH, not on FINANCIAL TARGETS

Steps of Treatment for Avascular Necrosis

Here are the details of treatment approach one by one-

The four point approach mentioned above is the basic thing which should be followed in the treatment of AVN. We practice the same at Sukhayu Ayurved, Jaipur.

To stop degeneration of bone

This can be humerus or femur or any other bone, where Avascular Necrosis occurs. The main concept is to stop the progress of the degeneration of bone. Before stopping the degeneration we need to know the cause behind the degeneration. And that is simple- lack of blood supply.

When it comes to Ayurvedic point of view. The bone is an only tissue which needs the reverse nutrition. Bone marrow (known as Majja in Ayurveda) is more important to manage the healthy bone. Now this is a research proven thing that osteoblasts are residents of bone marrow. This is the reason in Avascular necrosis, bone marrow oedema is very much common. We work on the bone marrow oedema of the bone.

Some people keep on using Calcium, Phosphorus and Vitamin D. But AVN is not a condition because of these supplements. Avascular necrosis is about the lack of blood supply

Therefore we simultaneously work on the second point-

Opening Passage of blood

This is the basic root cause of the problem. When it comes to reversal of the Avascular Necrosis and healing of the tissue. We need fresh blood. To manage the proper blood supply, opening of the passage is more important.

Ayurveda augments the concept of RAKTSHODHANA- purification of the blood. There are certain herbs which are mentioned for the blockage of FATTY cells and particles. Under guidance of Vaidya Pardeep we have worked hard on this concept and have made certain combinations which are helping our patients.

Proper Blood Supply to the decaying Bone

Once blood supply starts to the affected part. The inner healing capacity of the body, helps to regenerate the tissues. This is a mechanism, which is disturbed because of the lack of blood supply.

This healing starts and the first achievement of the treatment of Avascular Necrosis is- Stopping of the further decay of bone. That is one thing which helps in healing.

After this comes the last part of treatment-

To Regrow the bone- if possible

If possible!! Yes!

We can initiate the process but how body is going to respond to the treatment, depends on many factors like-

  • Age of the patient
  • Condition of the affected bone
  • The Causative Factor behind Avascular necrosis

When all these factors are proper, treatment of AVN becomes easy and helps in reversal of Avascular Necrosis decay process.

Questions about Ayurvedic treatment for Avascular Necrosis

There are certain queries we got regularly and here we are trying to answer all these

What is the prognosis of Avascular Necrosis?

You don’t need to go for surgical interventions always! Medical treatment is possible for Avascular necrosis and its reversal is possible through Ayurveda treatment.

What happens if Avascular Necrosis if left untreated?

AVN is a progressive disease. It keeps on complicating with time. When you leave AVN untreated, bone will keep on decaying and with time. So in such cases you wont have any options other than total hip replacement.

Is Necrosis irreversible?

Necrosis can be reversed, depending on condition of bone, age of patient and progress of disease.

Can Necrotic tissue be reversed?

Yes necrotic tissue can be reverse through Ayurveda treatment and we have evidences in term of MRI reports and Xrays for the same.

Best Results in Avascular Necrosis

So if you are suffering from Avascular necrosis and needs treatment of the same, please contact us. Vaidya Pardeep Sharma is the only Ayurveda physician who has made it possible to reverse AVN through pure Ayurvedic treatment.