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Ayurvedic Medicine for Avascular Necrosis

Under the expertise of Vaidya Dr. Pardeep Sharma, we have prepared special medicines for Avascular Necrosis from the treasure of Ayurveda. These medicines have helped hundreds of the patients and certainly you can also get proper benefit from ayurvedic medicines in your AVN. Here we are discussing the details of the medicines we use for this condition.

How does Ayurveda medicines help in Avascular Necrosis?

Is there anything specific or is it individualised?

Do you need to continue medicines for whole of the life?

And much more about the medicines for Avascular Necrosis… and yes we need to understand that- why allopathy medicines doesn’t work for avascular necrosis!!

But for now we need to move in positive direction.

Medicines for Avascular Necrosis

Where nothing works and when everybody loses hope with the conventional system of medicines. Ayurveda emerges as a hope. And in spite of going for some proper Ayurvedic treatment; everybody looks for some Ayurvedic medicine for Avascular necrosis.

No treatment is just medicine. Medicines are tools- even natural or synthetic. The main thing for any disease is a complete treatment. Treatment should have some aim and approach. Without the factor of approach, things cannot move forward very easily. Therefore first we need to make sure what we should work on-

  1. Stop the progress of the decay of the bone.
  2. Blood supply should resume to the affected part.

Proper treatment should base on these two points. Pain relief should be a by-product of the treatment, not the main focus!! And we don’t recommend the pain killers for this condition.

Even we don’t use a single type of pain killer almost of 99% of our patients get off the painkillers with in starting 2 months of the treatment. Panchakarma helps more quickly than the medicines alone, for sure.

Concept of Ayurvedic Medicine for Avascular Necrosis

The main concept we have behind using the medicines is based on two-point theory, discussed above.

The medicines which we use, compliments our four-point concept of Ayurvedic treatment of Avascular Necrosis.

  1. Pacification of the Vata Dosha
  2. Purification of the Blood

Here are the details of these two steps, we need to learn this one by one-

Pacification of the Vata Dosha:

This is important because Vata is a Dosha/factor- which causes the decay of the bone along with constriction of the arteries. That is why we do use certain medications that help in the pacification of the Vata Dosha. These medicines needs to be herbal.

At Sukhayu Ayurved, Vaidya Dr. Pardeep Sharma uses 99% – herbal medicines for avascular necrosis. Because in most of the cases of AVN, malfunctioning of the kidneys involves. And in others- this might be SLE or some other conditions. Therefore we need to work on the facts.

So this is more complicated to select these medicines. Because many physicians keep on using the medicines like – Rasa Raj Rasa and Vr. Vata Chintamani with a thought that they are reliving the pain.

But Vata medicines are not painkillers, only a “half-knowledged” so called Ayurveda person will believe in this.

Vata pacification comes quickly with the panchakarma treatment for the Avascular Necrosis. This is the reason- recovery is very quick in case of limping and pain with panchakarma.

For more details please check- Ayurveda About AVN

Purification of the Blood

Ayurveda talks about the impurities in the blood, which causes the entrapment of the Vata in the deep seated arteries. These arteries should be clean, without any blockage. So this is more about impurities of the blood, which occlude the blood passage.

Ayurveda recommends different medicines and measures for different types of the impurities in the blood.

Because when necrosis is caused by deformed cells in sickle cell anaemia- the approach will be different. There cannot be one same approach with AVN due to SLE and AVN due to Alcoholism.

For proper blood supply. The passage of the blood should be clear. The blockage is all because of certain ailments in the blood. This is the reason along with Vata pacification, we do work on the purification of the blood too.

There are numbers of the medicines which helps in this deal.

This is specialisation of Ayurveda. Because this is only Ayurveda which believes in – Impurities of the blood. This is not just carbon dioxide for Ayurveda. This is more than that.

Excess of anything good like “fats” is bad too for the blood and this leads to the problems like osteonecrosis in the bones.

When it comes to Ayurvedic medicines for osteonecrosis, we all start looking for –

Ayurvedic substitute for calcium or phosphorus!

Do we follow any approach like this at Sukhayu?

Does Calcium Phosphorus for Bone Restructure in AVN?

Many physicians think that they should use some medicines to re-structure the bone.

But this is a confusion with the people. If calcium could have done this, there are many better supplements with allopathy system for this. These calcium and phosphorus are not enough thus allopathy physicians and surgeons have only surgical solutions for this condition.

At Sukhayu Ayurved, Jaipur we don’t use any kind of Asthi Bhasma in this condition.

Because the cause of the problem is not about the decay of bone because of lack of calcium. This is all about blood supply.

You can collect tons of calcium on the other side of blockage!!

But when passage is closed- what is the fun of collecting this calcium?

No, nutrition is reaching to bone- this is the cause of the problem!! And many people keep on telling you the way to get more calcium and nutrition.

It is not possible in any way!!

Not only this- Vaidya Dr. Pardeep is not in favour of the blind use of painkillers.

Why Pain should not be subsided in AVN

Pain is a phenomenon. Pain restricts us. But when pain is suppressed without working on cause. This complicates the cause. For example

When just pain of the patient is reduced with some medicines.

He becomes careless. Certainly, he will walk more carelessly and freely. This will increase the damage of the hip joint (In the case of Avascular Necrosis of Hip Joint). Therefore we at Sukhayu Ayurved never believe in just relaxing the pain.

Then, how pain will subside?

You just stop further decay of the hip joint and pain reduces. Without stopping the further damage to the hip, there is no sense in reducing just pain.

Vaidya Pardeep on pain of Avascular Necrosis.

How can you start the ayurvedic medicines for avascular necrosis, before you opt for Panchakarma.

How to get ayurvedic medicines for avascular necrosis

When you want to start ayurvedic medicines for avn, you need to follow the protocol. The basic thing is we need to understand your case in a better way. Without understanding the case, it is not practically possible to work on the treatment of the case.

Secondly, alone medicines might show wonderful results in case of avascular necrosis. But for sure shot treatment of AVN, you need to follow the complete protocol of the treatment including Panchakarma.

But in certain cases, where a patient is unable to start the Panchakarma immediately- you can start the medicines.

To get ayurvedic medicines for avascular necrosis follow the following steps-

  • Please submit your MRI through contact us page.
  • Vaidya Dr. Pardeep will check the MRI.
  • If your case is in a treatable condition we will let you know for online VIDEO consultation, through email.
  • After Video consultation and case discussion, if there will be requirement of some additional tests you will be told about that.
  • Otherwise ayurvedic medicines for avascular necrosis will be prescribed to you.

Why consultation is important before starting medicines?

As we have discussed above, every case is different because cause of every case is different. Therefore it cannot be possible to use one and same type of medicines in every case.

Selection of medicines is according to the requirement of the patient.

For a patient with SLE, medicines cannot be same as for a patient of Sickle cell anemia!!

Likewise the cause, we need a lot of details from the patient- which help us to furnish our prescription in the best way.

Better you just fill the form here with the contact us page and send your MRI report to us, so that we can guide you better.

FAQs about Ayurvedic Medicines for Avascular Necrosis

Here are many of the questions you want to know about the Ayurvedic medicines for osteonecrosis. But we might have missed few questions, you can ask those through email or on phone.

Are the medicines from Sukhayu Ayuveda for AVN have any side effects?

Not at all. We are using the safest herbal medicines for the treatment of the avascular necrosis.

Does Sukhayu Ayurved prepares all the medicines by themselves?

Yes, all our medicines for AVN are our in house productions. We prepare the medicines by our own. These medicines we prepare under observation and guidance of Vaidya Dr Pardeep Sharma.

Can I buy ayurvedic medicines for avn, online?

No without proper consultation with Vaidya Dr Pardeep, you cannot get the medicines. For your convenience you can consult through video consultation too.

For how long I need to take the medicines?

The length for medication depends on the condition of the patient and the underlying cause.
Still with Panchakarma treatment for AVN, medicines remain continue mostly for 18-24 months.