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How to Avoid Hip Replacement in AVN

Total Hip replacement in told as only solution of avascular necrosis. But this is not true. You can easily avoid hip replacement in avn. About 78% patients successfully avoided hip replacement. This was possible through ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment under the expert guidance of Vaidya Pardeep Sharma. Here we are discussing how to avoid hip replacement in AVN.

Approach with the allopathic western sciences is to -Replace. On other hand Ayurved believes in Replenishing and Rebuilding.

This is like- some machine is not working properly. You wont always replace that. You always try to repair that machine. Engineers too believe in repair. Yet our developed doctors believe in just replacement.

Greed of money is more prevalent on the belief of treatment. It is not like that at Sukhayu we dont charge for repairing and replenishing the bones. We do charge. But only few percent of the total cost of total hip replacement.

Avoid Hip Replacement

Can Ayurveda avoid hip replacement in avn?

Yes. And it is not like that your hip replacement will be just delayed. Ayurveda can avoid hip replacement in AVN permanently. There are many methods to delay total hip replacement. But Ayurveda treatment with us is aimed to make sure that things will remain good for rest of the life.

There is only one way to get rid of total hip replacement. That is- to stop the progress of the disease.

You may think, this is not treatment.

Treatment means to reverse the condition and to bring back the normal bone.

You’re right.

But this definition works on simple conditions. Not on the condition like Avascular necrosis. Therefore we need to “satisfy” with what we have. We have three aims during the treatment of avascular necrosis at Sukhayu Ayurved-

  1. Pain should subside (To almost nil)
  2. Limping should disappear
  3. Your bone should not decay further

Above this everything is bonus for the patient.

This basic approach gave us wonderful results and we evidenced- REVERSAL OF AVASCULAR NECROSIS!!

When you dont have any other option, other than total hip replacement. We are so open and true to our patients that we can say you to go for surgery.

You just need to share your MRI with us for honest opinion.

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Four Step Scientific Approach of AVN treatment

Whats should you to avoid joint replacement

When you want to avoid joint replacement. You need to put a lot of efforts. The list can be long. But everything is important for you. You can avoid the vicious cycle of joint replacement.

  • Abstain from Alcohol completely.
  • Never smoke again.
  • When your body says not to move, dont move take rest.
  • Avoid bearing “careless” weight on your affected joint.
  • Go for regular treatment.
  • Avoid Yoga Asanas
  • Never go for physiotherapy (AVN never needs rehabilitation)
  • Follow a healthy diet.
  • Biking is not good for your condition.

Everybody follows the rules and regulations after joint replacement! Why cannot we follow the same without joint replacement.

You need to be careful so that you can save your hip joint. As a physician someone can guide you but this is you who need to be careful. Because you need to take care of yourself. So that things will remain in control.