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Panchakarma Treatment For Avascular Necrosis

Panchakarma, five procedures meant to cleanse the toxins of the body. This is the easiest definition. When it comes for Panchakarma Treatment For Avascular Necrosis, we need to understand the approach behind Panchakarma.

What is Panchakarma?

How can Panchakarma help in “revival” of decaying bone?

What panchakarma procedures help in reversal of avascular necrosis?

There are many questions, which every AVN patient wants to understand. Being a prime institution of Ayurveda, we always try to educate our patients in a better way. Here also I am trying to answer all your queries, one by one.

What is Panchakarma?

As said, Panchakarma is al about five procedures. And certainly Ayurveda is not just a massage and shirodhara.

  1. Vamana (Induced Vomiting).
  2. Virechana (Purgation)
  3. Anuvasana Basti (Ano Rectal Medication)
  4. Niruha Basti (Cleansing through Ano Rectal Region) and
  5. Nasya (Nasal Route of Medication).

You can read about all these Classical Panchakarma Procedures on our organisational website.

Out of these five, what is required and what should be the medicine. This all depends on your Physician. At Sukhayu we select one, two or three from these five. That too according to grade of avascular necrosis and many factors.

But before that we need to understand role of Panchakarma in the treatment of Avascular Necrosis.

In Avascular Necrosis treatment medicines has limited role to play. When it comes to complete reversal of avascular necrosis at Sukhayu Ayurved, that is possible with our unique approach towards panchakarma only.

How can Panchakarma help in “revival” of decaying bone?

While discussing ayurvedic aspect about AVN, I shared the key points about Ayurvedic approach. It is clear from Ayurvedic and modern medicine perspectives- Avascular necrosis is not about “bones” alone. This is a disease of blood arteries.

When blood supply to a particular bone impairs- this leads to the condition of the AVN.

Because of this fact, the treatment protocol for AVN through Ayurveda is more accurate with Sukhayu Ayurved.

We aim two things, through Panchakarma-

  1. Removal of Toxins from the body: To open the blood channels
  2. Renourishing the bones: through replenishment of the bone marrow.

These two functions are- supplementary to each other.

You achieve the first, your always achieve the second.

Let’s discuss these one by one, so that we will have a clarity about the treatment process of Avascular Necrosis.

Removal of Toxins

Panchakarma is part of Ayurvedic treatment, which was introduced to remove the “aggravated Doshas”. Specifically in a condition when these doshas are in abundance.

Anything and everything (even good), when crosses the normal limit in the body- becomes the toxins. The best example for this is- triglycerides. Even these “fatty” things are important for the body. But when due to different reasons- these increase in the bloodstream. These starts blocking the smaller blood arteries.

These causes might be- alcoholism, steroids or even dietary problems.

So this becomes important to remove these “toxins” from the body.

The same we do through Panchakarma.

Because- revival of the bone in AVN is not possible until unless we don’t remove the toxins.

Once these toxins are removed, only then it is possible to make sure the proper blood supply to the affected bone. So the main two parts of our AVN treatment approach are fulfilled through Panchakarma treatment only.

Renourishing the Bone Tissue

Some people think (because of lack of knowledge) that Panchakarma is alone about- detoxification.

This is half true.

Panchakarma also works for the nourishment of the body.

Specifically, two procedures of the Panchakarma- Nasya and Basti.

Nasya is- using medicines through nasal route and Basti is all about usine medicines through anal route.

Amazing thing is- both these procedures are more about “route” of medicine. And more amazing is- these both routes help to bypass the metabolic-system of the body. Therefore the medicines given through these routes- work far better than the “injectables”.

When medicines are chose properly for the procedure of Panchakarma- that helps in proper nourishment of the body.

Because of this- when it comes to choose the best alternate of hip replacement, Panchakarma stands alone with all merits.

Selection of Panchakarma Treatment For Avascular Necrosis

At Sukhayu we do real Panchakarma from the text. Not Just the Massage!! When it comes to selection pf Panchakarma Treatment For Avascular Necrosis patient we do follow four fold system-

  • Bio-constiution of patient of avascular necrosis
  • Causative Factor behind the Avascular Necrosis
  • Main Dosha involved in disease
  • Grade of Avascular Necrosis

So let’s discuss these all three points- one by one. So that we can better understand the Panchakarma Treatment For AVN.

Bio-constiution of patient of avascular necrosis

This is the first point to better understand the role of Panchakarma. Ayurveda is about individuality. So should be Panchakarma. When a patient comes to Sukhayu.

First we decide his/her prakruti. According to Prakruti of the patient and Gunas involved in body.

In most of the cases I have noticed, the problem is more prevalent with the Pitta Prakriti persons. Means that most of the patients are of pitta prakriti.

Therefore we took a call for Panchakarma according to the Prakriti of patient.

Without consideration of Prakriti, Panchakarma treatment for AVN doesn’t give desired results.

Because we work on all the details in a scientific manner, therefore we talk about reversal of the Avascular necrosis.

Causative Factors behind Avascular Necrosis

This might be alcohol, steroids, triglycerides and even some “unknown cause”.

The whole treatment is planned according to the involvement of the causative factors. So we do make a complete analysis of the condition and choose the Panchakarma procedure.

Dosha involved in Disease

Because Doshas are core of Ayurveda. Thus every time we treat a patient, it is important to understand the aggravation of Dosha.

Along with aggravation, it is important to know- role of Dosha in pathological process of avascular necrosis.

Therefore before starting any treatment. Our Vaidyas work on the understanding of cause of problem- in dosha terminology

So once you need to come for panchakarma treatment for avascular necrosis. Please submit all the details to us, so that we can guide you accordingly.

Grade of Avascular Necrosis

Grade decides the severity of the condition in case of Avascular necrosis of hip joint, specifically.

Grades decide a lot of things in AVN-

  1. Condition of the bone
  2. Status of bone marrow edema.
  3. Decay of cartilage.
  4. Collapse of bone.

Where complications are higher, grade will always be higher. Therefore in grade 3/4 we need to be more aggressive with the plan of treatment.

The concentration of medicines, strength of medicines and everything needs to be stronger in progressed cases.

These all aspects are important to consider in case of selection of Panchakarma.

Because we do everything on scientific parameters, therefore we evident complete recovery in avascular necrosis grade IV too.

Approach we follow for Panchakarma for AVN

Panchakarma is same everywhere, what is unique with Sukhayu?

No other Ayurveda hospitals have reversal of avn, how does Sukhayu has the skills?

I have heard questions like this, many times and most of the times I feel helpless to answer about “others”.

When you want to know about me and my place, I can answer.

At Sukhayu, I have done one thing since years and that is- REGARD THE SCIENCE.

And this applies to both Ayurveda and Western Sciences.

Many Ayurveda people will start treatment with just and Xray. They are never bothered about the stage of AVN, condition of bone marrow. Because for them, the main important thing is to “book-the-patient” for treatment.

But when it comes to Sukhayu, I cannot take a case- until unless I have clarity about the case. And in this race, I have lost many patients too.

They even curse me, when I ask for a recent MRI.

But anyways, I only understand one thing- I need to Avoid Hip Replacement in AVN, when I have taken a case.

Besides the points we discussed above, we also emphasise on the following things-

Follow the Shastra protocol

When it comes to Ayurveda, protocol is an important thing.

If text (Charaka and Sushruta) has asked to do something in particular timing, you need to do that in the same time.

And because we care for the results- we do it in that way only.

Where it is important to do a Basti, before 7 am in morning, my team will do that. No matter whatever is the condition.

You can say, this is the belief in the science of Ayurveda, which drives us for such things.

Best Quality Medicines for Panchakarma

When I started practicing Ayurveda some 17 years back, my consideration was- if some medicines are coming from Kerala- these should be best.

But, my passion to find the right quality, turned things ugly in last 10 years.

When you cannot have a good quality of cow ghee for the cost of 1000 rupees, somebody is supplying you the medicine prepared with same ghee for lesser cost??

Many colleagues don’t reason for this. But we did at Sukhayu. We starved for the best quality medicines regularly and we have achieved more than 50% success in this.

When the right medicine is used at the right time for treatment of Avascular necrosis– it does the magic.

These two ingredients make Sukhayu the best place for the treatment of Avascular Necrosis.