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What Causes AVN

What Causes AVN? This is a basic question every patient of Avascular necrosis wants to know. Many think that this is just a type of osteoporosis where bone is decaying faster. But this is not so.

Your bones are affected in avascular necrosis, but these are never culprits?

The main cause behind Avascular necrosis, technically is- stoppage of the blood supply (complete or temporary) to the affected part of the bone. Now comes the second set of the causes. These are the causes behind the problem with the blood supply.

Causes of AVN

Causes of Avascular necrosis can be classified in three major categories-

  • Mechanical Causes
  • Metabolic Causes
  • Other Diseases
    • Injury to the artery
    • Strain on artery
    • Dislocation of Joint
    • Alcohol Abuse
    • Use of Steroids
    • Fatty Liver
    • Disturbed Lipid Level
    • Chemotherapy
    • Sickle Cell Disease
    • Lupus (SLE)
    • Gaucher’s Disease
    • Diabetes Type II
What causes AVN

How Does AVN Occur

The most common cause behind AVN is- Metabolic problems, from the above list. Process of disease is in common from one point and that is problem with blood flow.

When a patient consumes too much alcohol, smokes too much or have taken steroids. Or in case of improper lipid levels in the body- causes fat emboli.

Fat emboli are bundles of fat. These bundles come in touch with Astrocytes and start blocking the passage of the blood. By clogging arteries. This decreases the blood flow.

In every bone a process of bone-remodelling continues. Two type of cells- osteoblasts and osteoclasts took play in this. Among these two types. The osteoblasts are designated to develop new bone.

When blood doesn’t reach to these cells. Cells start decaying. The cartilage which is above bone, looses its support and collapses in advance stages of the Avascular necrosis.

You need to know about AVN Causes

When it comes to educate yourself, there are certain things which you need to know. So that this education can ensure your path to wellness and complete health….

What is Idiopathic Avascular Necrosis?

When due to limited knowledge and limited understanding of the human body, we cannot find a cause of disease. We physicians name it Idiopathic.
But in Ayurveda, this is not the case. Ayurveda defines the cause properly and this is important for a Vaidya (the Ayurvedic Physician) to know about the cause of the problem. This is the reason we encourage our patients to come and meet in person. Technology has its own limitations.

Is Avascular Necrosis run in families?

No! Avascular necrosis is not a genetic condition. And genes are not culprit always for any disease.
Yes there are some disease which cause AVN. These disease might be linked to your genes. Otherwise not.

How much quantity of Alcohol can cause AVN?

Tolerance to any medicine or any drink- varies from person to person. It is not important that you should be in a category of “heavy drinker”. In clinical practices, there are many patients who were not consuming too much of alcohol but they ended up as patients of AVN.
When we know, alcohol has its bad impacts- than we should not use this.